Antiviruses don't work anymore.

You need something else to protect your online presence.

Locke secures you online by encrypting your passwords, blocking phishing attacks, and hiding your real email from prying eyes. Finally get a handle on your Internet security.

View all your accounts in one place:

These accounts are just for demonstration. If you'd like to get started adding your own accounts then you should register now.

Securely store passwords

Locke makes it easy to organize your accounts to help you get a handle on your online identity. You can securely store passwords, write notes, bookmark links, and delegate access to other people.

Protect yourself from phishing

Every account you put into Locke has a unique email address that can be used instead of your personal email. This helps cuts down on spam and hides your real email from other potentially insecure services.

For instance, if your Locke username is jill, and you want to add an account named "Facebook", then the email for that account would be [email protected]. This gives you unlimited secure email accounts.

Share access with others

Locke can help you securely share access to your accounts to people you trust. This is especially useful for accounts that involve multiple parties such as health insurance. Coming soon.

Support provided by our team located in the USA.

After registering for an account you get a phone number you can call for a direct line to our support located in Rochester, NY. We can help you for any reason pertaining to your online security. Anything such as recovering lost accounts, resetting old passwords, or using our website.