Future-proof security

We use the latest and greatest encryption methods

Any password you store on Locke is encrypted using the most secure encryption algorithm available, XChaCha20

. No one, not even Locke employees, can view your passwords without knowing or guessing your master password

Our product is easy to use, making it more secure

At the end of the day most security breaches happen because of people, not technology

. Locke combines the features of email and password management to create a single place for you to easily keep tabs on your Internet security.

Passwords stored in the cloud for better security

By storing your passwords on our servers, we don't have to worry about the security vulnerabilities of your computer

. That means that the surface area of attack is lowered and security is significantly improved as a result.

Over-the-phone support for account recovery.

After registering for a new account, you can choose how you want to be able to recover your account if you forget your password:

(1) We retain a copy of your account key in order to allow you to recover your account yourself online.

(2) We retain a copy of your account key, but only allow you to recover your account by going through our manual recovery process over the phone.

(3) We do NOT retain a copy of your account key, and therefore if you forget your password, we cannot recover it for you.

Giving you these options allows you to decide how you want us to handle your information. Options 1 and 2 are less secure than 3, but are better in 99% of situations.